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How it works

Cloud Applications

Orchestrating on the whole process is the Zugreifen sophisticated back end platform, introducing features like: New customer agreements, fast to market rate plans, seamless prepay and post-pay plans - activating the MiniMole for a far, campaigns and more. All customer interactions are accessed via all types of media.



MiniMole was initially designed to serve as an affordable, standard complient electricity data harvesting element. Unlike other harvesting devices, like the legacy Smart Meters, MiniMole has a very small footprint, both physically and financially. Our goal is to put an end to old, expensive and clumsy devices - and introduce affordable, accurate and fast to install elements 


Efficient Data Harvesting

It is time for power distribution companies to change the rules of the game

The perception was born 7 years ago when we came to the understanding that power companies are lacking two major capabilities with regards to customer interaction and grid efficiency: cheap and reliable data collection, as well as affordable and smart processing platforms. This is where we decided to act and design an affordable, easily installed Data Compiler called Minimole. We also designed a cloud based customer care and billing platform to provide fast to market campaigns, new rate plans per peak and off-peak hours and other special applications. The Zugreifen data analysis has a significant contribution to grid efficiency planning and emission reduction

Our Story

Zugreifen is a PVSE (Power Virtual Service Enabler). Zugreifen recognizes the ongoing challenges of the energy industry to address pollution reduction, business continuity, grid optimization, security and revenue assurance while providing desirable and valuable services to the end user. The Zugreifen approach offers a unique scalable solution to provide more personalized services like differential pricing, the ability to monitor and control usage, Billing on Behalf, Customer Care, Tariff Planning, Real-Time consumption reports, electricity campaigns for usage in off peak hours and real time view on electricity usage as well as bi-directional interaction between the end user and the energy provider. In addition to customer interaction, Zugreifen offers data collection capabilities, revenue assurance applications, counter electricity theft methodologies and more.

About Us

The Zugreifen model is well accepted by power companies for its approach: it is the first ever solution to provide the whole eco-system from data collection (low price data harvesting mini sensors), data processing, billing and customer interaction – including messaging, campaigns and more. This intensive interaction enables introduction of new residential and corporate applications that works both for the Power Companies as well as for the end customers, harnessing all parties to better and efficient processes. At the end of the day the result will be better communication between the providers and consumers, while managing the grid and emission better, and gaining customers loyalty.

Breaking The Paradigm
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